Facilitating liquidations across a diverse spectrum of exchanges

At Enflux, we specialize in low-impact cross-exchange liquidations with a primary focus on low and mid-cap markets. Our strategies are finely tuned to the specific requirements of each client and the prevailing market conditions. Check out supported exchanges here.

Liquidation Technique

At the core of our approach is the 'soft liquidation' process, designed to minimize market impact and maintain stability. This method is a significant departure from traditional liquidation techniques, which can cause substantial market fluctuations and price volatility.

  • Expansive Exchange Network: Our platform efficiently navigates a wide range of exchanges, ensuring extensive operational coverage.

  • Tailored Timeframes: We support various strategies, from immediate liquidations to more gradual asset disposals, accommodating the diverse needs of our clients.

  • Market Stability Focus: We strive to maintain market equilibrium, conducting liquidations that prevent significant price disruptions.

  • Customized Client Strategies: Each plan is bespoke, crafted to align with the specific goals and limitations of our clients.

Dashboard Panels for Monitoring and Execution

Our dashboard provides essential tools that offer a comprehensive view of cross-exchange liquidations, enabling effective monitoring and strategic execution.

Token Balances Over Time

This panel displays a graph of token balances across all integrated exchanges over time, vital for tracking liquidation speeds and token availability.

Exchange Integration and Activity Status

This panel shows integrated exchanges for specified token liquidations and the last active times, helping assess readiness and plan liquidations.

Average Liquidation Price and Slippage

This panel provides insights into the average liquidation price and associated slippage, crucial for understanding financial impacts and optimizing liquidation strategies.

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